Learning to tell time

I’ve been gearing up to teach Baloo how to tell time for a few months now.  He can read the hours pretty well but it’s time to incorporate minutes.  I started by working on skip counting by 5s.  Given that clocks run by 5s I figured it was pretty important!

Then this week I set up 2 clocks in his bedroom.  A wall clock and a digital clock.  I’m hoping that sometimes he will practice by himself by just looking at the two different clocks and comparing the times.  I also made up a little sheet for him where he can write down what the wall clock looks like and what the time is.

Here is everything you will need to set up your own time telling center:


With 2 little ones in the house I didn’t want a cord hanging down from the digital clock, so this one is a very very simple battery operated clock.  It’s sitting on a soap dish what is hung with that removable 3m sticky stuff.  The clock fits perfectly on it!  And no cords!

I’m pretty excited to see if this helps him get the hang of telling time!!  We’ve already spent a good deal of time looking at the wall clock and talking bout the different hands.

If you’d like our little clock sheet, you can download it here!


Learn to Tell Time with a Time Telling Center

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