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Free Where The Wild Things Are Pack

For the first day of March Madness I have a Where the Wild Things Are PreK Pack!  I’ve had this clipart for a bit and it’s absolutely adorable.

Where the Wild Things Are PreK Pack

What’s in the Pack?
3 Part cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next?
4-Piece Puzzles
Which is Different?
Prewriting Page
Beginning Sounds
What Color Are the Wild Things?
1-10 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Skip Count by 5’s Puzzle
Skip Count by 10s Puzzle
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Wws
Size Sorting
Shadow Matching
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color


I hope you enjoy the pack!



Go Here to Download the Wild Things Pack!


Where the Wild Things Are PreK Pack

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  1. What a great pack! I wish I would have seen it last month when we were studying this. Perhaps next time around. Thanks so much for your hard work!

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