5 Reasons You Should Outsource Math with CTCMath

Last year we had trouble hitting our homeschool stride – finding that rhythm that gave our days consistency and ease. It was weird for us to be struggling day after day just to complete some of our basic subjects, let alone have time for the fun stuff.

I knew we needed change. It was a bit frustrating but more importantly, my kids are getting older. I have to make sure they are ready for the world and I don’t think I can give an excuse like ‘Well, we weren’t hitting our stride’.

So we started trying different things.


(We received this product for this review.  All of the opinions in this post and mine (and my kids)  )


One of the first solutions we came across was CTC Math. Math hasn’t been a hard subject for us but handling three separate math lessons was taking a lot of time. It was one area that I thought we could change and possibly see a benefit.

So we jumped into CTC Math.

While I was working one-on-one in reading or spelling, they could be working on their math.

Suddenly we had so much extra time in our day.

And more importantly, they were excelling in math at a fast rate. In fact, in a matter of about 3 months, Baloo (12)  finished 3/4 of a year of math.

So we kept at it.

Over time they started finishing their math work for the day before I was even awake in the morning. We had more time for other subjects and areas of interest.


It was just the change we had been needing.



  • Easy to understand videos
  • Short lessons
  • Access to all levels
  • Parent portal and stats
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The Benefits of Outsourcing Math with CTC Math

I have heard for years about outsourcing some subjects, especially in the high school years.

But it still took a long time for me to consider outsourcing math.

I enjoy teaching and learning with my kids and I wanted to make sure there weren’t any holes in their learning. Math is a subject where learning holes can have a big impact.

But we just weren’t getting enough done so I had to accept a change in our plans.

Easy to Understand Videos

CTC Math features short and easy to understand videos. They usually show the math in action and not just how to complete a problem.

It feels to me like they are explaining why and how the math works without just explaining why and how it works. They are showing that it works.

On the rare occasion that they still don’t fully understand, it’s easy for me to sit in on the video and offer a bit more explanation.


Immediate Feedback

There are multiple places where they get feedback. First, every question is graded immediately, so they know if they are getting the questions right or wrong.

I’ve found that this immediate feedback helps them to reflect during the lesson. Sometimes they think they understand something but after 2 or 3 incorrect answers, they know something is missing. They can go back and watch the video again or come talk to me for assistance.

At the end of each lesson, they receive an overall grade. This feedback helps them see the full picture. They may have gotten a few wrong due to simple math errors. They may have a better grade than they expected.

There are also certificates based on scores. These certificates have been motivational for my kids. They really enjoy finishing a section and seeing that they have a silver certificate!


Short Lessons

I love short lessons. They just seem more doable than longer ones.

The lessons (video and quiz) in CTC math could probably take an average of 10-15 minutes. Less for a shorter video and a child who is paying attention.

I have my kids do 3 lessons a day, on their own time. They could easily be completely done with math in a half hour and very often that is the case.


Access to All Levels

I’m very grateful that we have access to all levels on each account. We honestly weren’t positive where to start each of the boys with CTCMath so I didn’t want to commit to one grade level.

Since they have access to all of the levels they can move up at any time (when they’re ready) but we can also review older concepts if they don’t have a firm understanding.


The  Parent Portal

Being able to see behind their grades behind the scenes so easily is amazing.

I can look at how much work they completed today (or yesterday, the day before, etc). I can see their scores and they are color coded (Yes, color-coded!).

I love how simple it is to get online and check their progress. No grading papers or double-checking their math.

The parent view allows me to stay involved in their math without sitting next to them for every single step.



5 Reasons You Should Consider Outsourcing Math with  CTC Math

  1. Save time. Outsourcing math can save you a lot of time, especially if you have more than one child. They can work independently and finish their math in their own time.
  2. More time for other subjects. One side benefit of saving time is that you have more time for other subjects. We have been able to explore their interests more with our extra time which makes them much happier.
  3. Less frustration. Math can be a frustrating topic to teach. By outsourcing math, you don’t have to worry about it nearly as often. Sometimes you may choose to clarify a method but most of the instruction and grading is done by someone else.
  4. Present multiple viewpoints, if needed. When using CTCMath, the videos answered nearly every question my kids had. But for the few that still confused them, I could help. When they were doing math with just me, if I couldn’t explain it well enough we had to find another person or video to explain it.
  5. Gives them control. While I have certain expectations for how much they complete, they are in control over when they complete it and the exact lessons they are working on. This bit of control has changed their attitude towards math completely. Math is no longer a frustration and they often take the initiative to finish their math lesson before I even mention it.



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