Jump In! To Summer Learning: Pioneer Theme

Jump In To Summer Learning: Pioneer Week.  A summer learning program for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Last year Cassie and I were just getting to know each other and decided to work on a summer project together.  Our kids are all close in age and we wanted a summer program to keep them learning.  Last year we put our Reading Fun in the Sun together and it worked out wonderfully.  This year we decided to do things a bit differently.  We wanted to incorporate math and other skills into the mix, and we wanted to have something for tots all the way up to first grade.

Jump In To Summer Learning - Pioneer

This year we introduce Jump In! To Summer Learning!

This program is designed to be used over the course of 5 weeks.  They themes do not build on each other, but each can stand alone.  So feel free to go in any order you wish!

We’ve separated the files by day so all you need to do is get up in the morning and print out the files for the day!  We will have suggested activities, snacks, books, and sensory ideas that you might want to review beforehand to gather materials.

For Kindergarten, each day has a page for word families, sight words, math, and an extra such as rhyming, money, syllables, graphing, and shapes.

For first grade, each day has a page for word families, sight words, math, and an extra such as fractions, shapes, ship counting, time, and money.

Click Here to Download the Kindergarten and First Grade Packs

Go Here to Download the Toddler and PreK Packs from 3 Dinosaurs

Jump In To Summer Learning - Pioneer


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2 thoughts on “Jump In! To Summer Learning: Pioneer Theme”

  1. I’m a little disappointed I’m just now finding these but I won’t worry too much. Tomorrow I plan to get my printer heated up and start printing. I don’t homeschool but do activity buckets after school. I find our kids need alone time after being with people all day. So I have started creating theme boxes with many activities to keep them entertained while dinner is being prepared (and I like them to be learning not totally wasting time). I will now have 5 more boxes planned with little effort. I love that there is such a large age range as I have a preschooler, 2 1st graders and a second grader (we also have a 7th grader but he has more than enough to keep him busy). Thanks so much for all your work. Just getting around on this site and haven’t found anything yet but do you have any bible printables available?

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