Letter M Themed Bath

Royal is not great with identifying his letters yet so we’ve taken a real focus on the ABCs.  I was inspired by Bath Activities for Kids to bring the learning into the bathtub!

Using foam sheets, I cut out some letters and a few objects that started with the letter M:
mailbox and mail

The boys were SO excited to get into the bath and have something new to play with.

Letter M Themed Bath

They immediately ripped it all down and started asking what it was all about.
Letter M Themed Bath

Royal really enjoyed moving some mountains Smile
Letter M Themed Bath

Letter M Themed Bath

Logi-Bear was a bit jealous that Royal was getting his picture taken…but I only cut out one moustache!  So he hid behind an M!
Letter M Themed Bath

This bath really got Royal interested and he was asking about everything.  We were able to spend a good 20 minutes identifying the letter and talking about the sound the letter makes, as well as talking about 4 objects that start with the letter M!  We will definitely be doing more letter themed baths!!

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