The Respiratory System

Learn about the systems of the body starting with the respiratory system!

How do we breathe? What do our lungs do? How does it all work?

The Respiratory System

The respiratory system is one of the main body systems that kids learn about. It’s a fairly simple system but oh so important (not that any body system isn’t important).

Learn all about the respiratory system from breathing in O2 to breathing out CO2.

Resources to Learn About the Respiratory System

There’s so much to learn about the human body that it can be hard to fit it all in. Plus, it’s not always super exciting to learn what each body part does.

I love leaning into books to get some extra information in a mostly painless way.

We have our favorite human body books – and honestly, this is most of what we use. These books are excellent and rarely do we feel the need to get extra books.

The Human Body Theater is one my kids have read over and over on their own. The amount of knowledge of the human body that they’ve gained from a comic book is incredible.

However, if you’re looking for more in depth information specific to the respiratory system, these are a few we’d recommend.

Videos to Learn About the Respiratory System

Whenever we can include videos in our studies, I try to do that.

My kids love videos and seem to get a lot out of videos.

Operation Ouch – Breathing

Operation Ouch – Diaphragm

Operation Ouch – How Big Are Your Lungs

How Your Lungs Work by Nemours KidsHealth

Respiratory System Song by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching

Human Respiratory & Digestive Systems for Kids by Rock ‘N Learn

This is a High School level video but Crash Course is too excellent to leave off the list. Just know that it moves fast so it’s not going to be great for younger kids.

The Respiratory System by Crash Course

Get More Human Body Printables

If you’re learning all about the human body, don’t miss the rest of these great human body printables we have available:

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