Fun with a (glue) gun

I have very fond memories of crafting with my mom and a glue gun as a kid.  So, a few months ago I went ahead and finally bought my own glue gun.  I went for a low-temp glue gun, but that thing still gets pretty hot.  I’ve let Baloo do a few projects with the glue gun, and I thought it was time to let Royal in on the fun!

We started off my talking about how hot glue guns are hot and to be very careful.  The I put out our entire collection of lids and some paper plates and let him go at it!


He wasn’t quite sure what to do at first.  I had to give him some suggestions to get going.

But before long he was a pro!

He was very particular with where he would glue the lids.

Our final projects!

To finish up, we made these trophies.  The boys played with them all day, making up some really interesting games to win!

4 thoughts on “Fun with a (glue) gun”

  1. Thank you. I love the simplicity of their crafts. I try way too hard to make their end project something I recognize as art, rather than letting them enjoy the process. I need to overhaul my thinking on art time.

  2. Jeanette Nyberg

    The little trophies are so neat- I can see my kids playing with something like that for days. Hmmm maybe I can introduce my 3 year old to the old glue gun.

  3. My kids and I did something similar with wood scraps when the carpenters were here building our house, but now I'll have to keep collecting bottle caps and other plastic bits and pieces because this looks so much fun!

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