Tot School – 3/11

Royal is 22.5 months

We had a pretty good week all in all.  We have company coming in this weekend, so a lot of time was spent preparing…which means that some tot school was set aside.

Royal worked on his Kk sheet from Homeschool Creations.

I usually hang his letter sheet on the wall, but he really wanted it on our Kk easel drawing!

Playing with the wedgits was a lot of fun this week.  His favorite pieces are the white ones.  Here he was dropping them into a little half-pyramid.

and then setting them up on our Wedgit base.

Royal really likes our Education Cubes.  I usually try to have something in there for him like colors, but this week they were hogged by Baloo’s sight words.  He still had fun throwing the cubes in this box over and over!

Our counting dogs were a lot of fun.  He wasn’t too interested in sorting them, but did enjoy trying to point out the colors!  He still calls most colors purple, but he does mention other color names often!

Then he said “Dog on head” and started trying to balance the dogs on my head.

Royal really enjoys playing with our window markers too.  Of course these frames are made of real glass, so I have to be really careful with him.

That’s all for our tot school this week!  Check out 1+1+1=1 for more Tot school ideas!!

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