Monster Addition Sorting Activity

Get your little monsters ready for some addition practice!

Wait, I got that wrong. Get your kids ready to help the monsters with some addition practice!

Yes, the monsters LOVE socks and would appreciate some helping finding the right socks for them.

Get your kids practicing addition with this fun monster themed addition activity.

Monster Addition Sorting

Monsters are so much fun, aren’t they? I mean, cute ones like these. I’m easily scared, so scary monsters aren’t as fun for me.

I wanted to create a fun little activity that would help kids practice addition. But I really didn’t want it to be just another worksheet.

My kids are so over worksheets and we rarely even use them.

So this activity was meant to be fun!

How to Use the Addition Sorting Cards

The idea for these activity is pretty simple. There are four monsters and they all love socks. But they don’t all love the same socks.

In fact, they’re quite picky when it comes to the socks they want to eat (or whatever it is they’re doing with these socks).

We have a pile of socks to hand out. Maybe we just finished the laundry and these are all the unmatched socks leftover. Feel free to improvise the story!

There are four monster cards. Each monster has a name and 2 preferences. These are labeled on the card.

For instance, Homa likes numbers that are odd and 10 or less. So if the addition problem equals 7 or 9, the sock would go to Homa.

I usually ask my children to write their answers next to the addition problem. It’s not necessarily about seeing their work but getting them to slow down long enough to think through the problems.

Some kids prefer to do all of the addition and then do the matching. Others add and match in one go. Either way works!

If your kids get stuck and you’re not sure how to help them, try some gentle guiding.

Make sure they have the addition problem correct.

Then instruct them to look at the monsters and pick one stat to focus. Either determine if it’s odd or even OR determine if it’s 10 or less or more than 10.

Once one is figured out, have them move onto the next.

Monster Books

I’ve gathered a few monster books to suggest for an amazing monster unit for Halloween.

We love to include books as much as possible so I’m always on the lookout for great books that match our themes.

Get Your Monster Addition Sort Download

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