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Dinosaur ABC Matching Activity

Dinosaurs are IN right now.  And as such, everything we are doing is dinosaur right now.  Dinosaur math.  Dinosaur ABCs.  Dinosaur play.  Dinosaur excavating. 

Dinosaurs have been a major theme that comes into and out of our lives regularly. Baloo, at 13, still enters dinosaur phases every now and again.

So naturally Logi-Bear needed a dinosaur ABC matching activity.  He’s been in dinosaur mode since last August, at least.  His favorite dinosaur changes based on his mood, but it’s typically T-Rex or Velociraptor.  He actually could spell T-rex before he could even name all the letters.  He can be very motivated!  (Now to teach him to spell velociraptor!).


What is included in the Dinosaur ABC Matching Set

The printable set includes upper and lowercase dinoaurs and upper and lowercase eggs, so you can match however you want.  I also made a special set with JUST T-Rexes because that is what Logi-Bear requested when we first printed them out.

So feel free to match dinosaur to dinosaur, dinosaur to egg…or even egg to egg! And you can match uppercase to lowercause, uppercase to uppercase, or lowercase to lowercase.

There are many many options. Just choose whatever you’re working on with your kiddos at the moment.

How to Set Up the Dinosaur ABC Matching

I wanted to set up our dinosaur ABC matching to be used on a daily basis, so I didn’t want loose cards hanging around.

The idea of setting up a board was perfect. It would be easy to put out of sight but also pull out anytime we wanted to review ABCs.

Of course, you don’t have to set up a board. You can just use them as matching cards!

I do loving having the board though. It makes it easy to play letter games (outlined below) and Logi-Bear felt like he had a whole new toy just for him.

I also loved that the eggs were in ABC order automatically. I don’t think alphabetical order is inherently important but it is something we use often.


How to Use the Dinosaur ABC Matching

We have done SO much with this board.  I started by just singing the ABCs and pointing to the letters as we went.  Then we would match uppercase to uppercase, lower to upper, lower to lower, etc.  We talked about letter sounds.  We spelled out special words (like names).  And Logi-Bear would play silly games where the dinosaurs would crack out of their eggs.

Because it’s all about dinosaurs, Logi-Bear loved to sit and look at the letters.  His attention span wasn’t long, but it got him interested.

Things you can do with your Dinosaur ABC Matching Cards:

  • Play a memory game
  • Have dinosaurs ‘hatch’ out of their matching eggs
  • Sing the ABCs and point to the correct dinosaurs
  • Spell out names of family, friends…or dinosaurs
  • Match short (CVC) words – have the “dinosaurs” read them

He did this every single time we pulled out the board, without fail.

Go Here to Download the Dinosaur ABC Matching Printables

Dinosaur ABC Matching FREE Printables.  Match uppercase and lowercase letters with dinoaurs!

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