Ocean Theme Lesson Plans: Jump In To Learning

When Cassie and I first envisioned our summer program last November, we knew we wanted something well planned out.  We’re both very busy moms and we need “grab and go” type materials.  In my head I was picturing something like a homemade summer camp.  Activities, crafts, books, snacks, and fun!  We also wanted to make sure there was a learning aspect to it, so we decided to do a general review of the core subjects for each grade level.

On Thursday we put out the learning part – the review.
Kinder and First Grade
Tot and PreK


Today I’m going to include the activities, crafts, snacks, books, and more!  I’m going to link everything in this post as a visual and at the end you will find links to pdf lesson plans by age/grade level.  There are some crafts and activities I’ve linked to that were not included in the lesson plans (probably due to space) so make sure to check them out!  And if one of the links in the lesson plans isn’t for you, feel free to find a replacement!


OceanCraft copy

1. Printable Dolphin Craft
2. Underwater Fish Diorama
3. Handprint Dolphin
4. Handprint Jellyfish
5. Draw a Dolphin
6. Eric Carle Crab Craft
7. Stained Glass Dolphin
8. C is for Crab
9. Window Dolphin Craft
10. W is for Whale
11. Contact Paper Jellyfish
12. Octopus Craft
13. In The Sea Craft
14. Dolphin Color By Number


I strongly recommend choosing one sensory activity for the week and repeating it to get as much use as possible.  Sensory materials can get expensive.

1. Ocean Sensory Bin
(here’s another example for more inspiration!)
2. Small World Bath Play (do an ocean scene!)
3. Dolphins in Shaving Cream



1. Ocean in a Bottle
2. Label a Jellyfish
3. Montessori Style Math
4. Fish Flip-Flop Painting
5. Octopus File Folder Game
6. Rainbow Fish Game
7. Crab Walk Races
8. Glowsticks in the Bath
9. Sight Word Fishing
10. Dolphin Lapbook



I truly believe that no lesson plan is complete with at least one snack suggestion.  I try to find healthy options, but we enjoy our sweets too!

1. Crabby Sandwich
2. Octopus Lunch
3. Dolphin Lunch
4. Shark Quesadillas



I’ve added the books in a widget simply to make it easier to get all the info you might need.  I encourage you to check out the books at the library before purchasing!

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor
Swimmy 50th Anniversary Edition
The Octonauts Explore the Great Big Ocean
Commotion in the Ocean
Dolphins at Daybreak Magic Tree House #9
The Snail and the Whale
Wish for a Fish: All About Sea Creatures (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library)
Dolphin Tale: The Junior Novel
A House for Hermit Crab (World of Eric Carle)


If you’d like to do more Ocean themed learning, check out these other printable packs:
Sh is for Shark
Whales and Dolphins Lapbook
Ocean Pack
House for Hermit Crab Pack
Many Ocean Printables
Ocean Preschool Pack
F is for Fish
O is for Octopus
Ocean Shadow Matching
In The (Girly) Sea
Ocean Animals Tot Book
Octonauts Tot and Kinder Packs
Nemo Tot Book

To download the lesson plans for Kinder and First Go Here

To download the lesson plans for Tot and Preschool Go Here

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