PreK – Art Class!!

Baloo is 4 years 7 months

We had an entire week of moon and space theme planned out, but instead Baloo got sick.  In fact, I’ve never seen him this sick.  We decided to just take the entire week off school instead of cramming in all into a few days.  However, we have made time to follow along with the online art class at Pineapple Paintbrush

Now, being that Baloo has been feeling ill, he has been very trying when it comes to the art.  We’ve attempted all the projects, but he has given me a lot of resistance.  It’s art though…I’m learning to let go and let him learn his way.

This is the string painting.  I was holding down the paper as he pulled the strings out.  This was a tough one because Baloo didn’t feel like getting his hands dirty.

He was really excited to see how it turned out though!!

The drip painting!!  Our paints dripped a lot on their own…

But spraying with water made it drip a whole lot more!!  And I think he enjoyed spraying the painting more than painting it!!

The abstract picture.  He choose to do cool colors.  I helped him cover the entire piece of paper, so no “during” pictures, just the final painting.  I actually really love this painting and so does Daddy – and not just because we love the painter!  I think this one might find a permanent home on one of our walls!

We can’t wait to get started with week 2 of the art class, and of course to get back on our regular schedule!!

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