Little Red Riding Hood Letter Sounds Game

This fun Little Red Riding Hood game gets your kids practicing their letter sounds and also gets them up and moving.

I wanted to create a simply game to work on letter sounds but I didn’t want it to be totally stationary.

Little Red Riding Hood Letter Sounds Game

Little Red Riding Hood is such a great fairy tale – especially when talking about paying attention to detail. If I was in her shoes, I would definitely have been eaten by the wolf. Attention to detail is not my thing.

But I knew I wanted to make a game that included all the details of Little Red Riding Hood’s walk from her house to her Grandma’s house.

I had this picture in my head of Little Red Riding Hood trekking through the forest and facing some extra trials while going to Grandma’s house (I guess a hungry wolf wasn’t enough).

So in this game you can play as either Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma, the man with the ax, or the wolf himself!

Get through the forest by collecting items that start with the letter sound and be the first to get to Grandma’s house!

How to Put Together the Red Riding Hood Letter Sounds Game

I wanted to make this game really simple so there is very little prep work.

The gameboard prints all on one page.

But the pieces need to be put together.

Simply cut them out and tape the longer pieces together to create a circle. Now your people will stand up!

You can print the set on cardstolk to make it a little more stable but I didn’t find it to be necessary.

I don’t recommend laminating the pieces as they’re difficult to put together that way.

How to Play the Little Red Riding Hood Letter Sounds Game

The game play is simple – roll the dice, move that many spaces, and find something that starts with the letter you’ve landed on!

But I’ll walk through it with a little more detail.

I like to let the youngest kid start, but sometimes we shake things up (after all, it’s not very fair to the rest of us).

Start by rolling the dice and moving your character that many spaces.

Whatever letter you land on, you can stay there as long as you find an item that starts with that letter sound.

So if you land on S you need to run and grab something that starts with the /s/ sound. Snake, shake, stapler, etc.

D is for dinosaur

Then play continues.

The first person to get to Grandma’s house wins.

That’s it! So simple.

If you don’t want to be running around the house, just say something out loud that starts with the sound.

But if you have a young child – I encourage letting them get some of that energy out by running.

An Easy Hack For Younger Kids

If your kids aren’t quite ready to work on letter sounds or they’re not quite at the level of finding objects that start with that sound – here’s a simple hack.

Get out magnetic letters, scrabble tiles, or anything with letters on it. You could even use a poster.

When they land on a space they have to find the matching letter.

You can work on matching lowercase to uppercase or lowercase to lowercase.

It’ll be a great way to reinforce letters while playing a fun game!

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Grab your download here

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