I Know My Addition Facts Printable

I’ve actually had this printable sitting in my folder for awhile – since Baloo was just starting addition!  It’s meant to be a quick little review/quiz for kids learning their first addition facts.  My idea was to set a timer for one minute and let Baloo figure out as many problems as he could.  If he could do them all I knew he was ready for the next set.

Each page also features a cute little Melonheadz kidlette to be colored in, if desired (Baloo isn’t big on coloring so that was never an interest for him.)



Go Here to Download the Addition Facts Pages


5 thoughts on “I Know My Addition Facts Printable”

    1. Hi Kate!
      I don’t, but I can work on making one. It might take a few days because they’re a bit tedious to make, but check back!

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