Spider Sight Word Activity

Sight words are an important part of any learn to read curricula.

We use a phonics based program for learning to read but I still think sight words have their place. Some words (and, the, of) are simply necessary but don’t follow phonics rules.

However, sight words aren’t exciting to learn. They tend to take a lot of repetition. So I love to use fun activities to work with sight words even more.

Spider Sight Words Activity

I’ve wanted to make a spider web sight word activity for awhile and I’m so pleased this work out!

I’ve had this idea in my head where there’s a cute little spider that just wants to communicate (think Charlotte’s Web but a cheeky little spider).

All of the animated films that have been released in the past decade or so have made the personification of cute little arachnid a lot more appealing. Personally, I’m not a big spider fan. I find them a bit creepy. Luckily I know enough to leave them alone and they leave me alone.

But a cute little cartoon-ish spider? I’m there.

How to Use the Spider Sight Word Activity

To start with, you’ll find 6 half-page spider webs with dots and numbers. This is a connect the dot activity.

Each letter has it’s own set of dots and numbers. To make it easier to identify which numbers go with which letters – I color coded them.

So follow the numbers in order and make sure to stick with one color! A new color means a new line (some letters have two sets of colors. Like t, for example)

Use a thick marker to connect the dots.

When you’ve found all the letters – read the word!

I’ve also included a recording sheet. If you’re having trouble reading the words on the spider web, write all the letters on the sheet instead.

Keep going through all the words until you can read the question!

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