How is Snow Formed? Craft

We’ve been given the awesome opportunity to stay in the desert, but within a 40 minute drive of a mountain summit…with snow.  So while it was 76 degrees where we are staying today, it was in the 30s with snow still on the ground on the mountain!!  We took the opportunity today to drive up and enjoy some fun in the snow!How is Snow Formed? for kids!

On the way down Baloo asked “Why is rain different than snow?”  Luckily I was prepared for this question!  If he had asked a week ago, I would have had NO idea!  But I had been reading up on how snow is formed lately so we could have this very lesson!

I found a great infographic from Weather Wiz Kids that explained the difference so clearly, so I thought we make a hands-on version! 

We started with construction paper (orange, blue, and white), cotton balls, and our trusty snowflake/flower punch.
How is Snow Formed? for kids!


We ripped the blue paper to make the cold air look a bit more ridgy, and glued the cotton balls down on top.  Then we punched snowflakes, and cut out raindrops.  Baloo and I talked about how all this water vapor starts up in the clouds where it is very cold.  It starts as snow.  If the snow falls into warm air it melts, causing rain.  If the snow falls into cold air it doesn’t melt, which results in snow!  I wasn’t planning on covering sleet or freezing rain, but he asked and we talked about it anyway.  It would be very easy to add those parts in!
How is Snow Formed? for kids!

We also got lucky and were able to do a quick science experiment.  We wanted to bring back some snow to show off to everyone who wasn’t able to go up the mountain, so I collected some in my drinking cup.  I filled it all the way to the top (it was quick packed in there)
How is Snow Formed? for kids!

Later on in the day we noticed it had melted, and was not even half full! How is Snow Formed? for kids!

We had a lot of fun in the snow, just playing! 


I’m so excited to be participating in the Winter Wonderland Bloghop!  37 bloggers are teaming up to bring you a lot of great ideas to help survive the winter!

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    1. I had absolutely no clue, sadly!  I've learned so much in the past year just working with Baloo.  If he didn't ask questions like this, I probably never would have known!

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