The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

Chances are, if you’re a homeschooler, you’d heard of The Old Schoolhouse.  They’re a very well known homeschool company!  But, if you’re anything like me, you might not have realized that they have a bimonthly magazine that they offer for free digitally!  What a steal!

Today I’m reviewing the November/December issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, which can be found at and

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is a bimonthly publication that focuses on family education.  They feature articles that range from informative to opinion, and everything in between.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

I’m going to start with the pros because frankly, there are so many pros that this is the easy part.

One thing I greatly appreciate about this magazine is it’s focus on homeschooling.  As homeschoolers we are the vast minority.  Most magazines refer to issues that public school families might face, but this magazine is chock full of information that is useful to me as a homeschooler!

I’m amazed at the variety in the articles too.  There are many different topics covered in just one issue.  From homeschool advice, to curricula, to facts about history…you can find a bit about everything!  More than once I found myself lost in an interesting article and wanting to find out more.  Articles such as the History of Baking and Eating (pg 48) caught my attention (I had no idea that Turkeys were named such because they came through Turkey!) and the History of English (pg 148, If You Use Crummy Words, People Will Think You’re a Creep!).  I found useful information about methods of homeschooling (such as The Classical Homeschooler on pg 46).  There are “spotlights” which include resources for difference subjects such as Music on pg 84 and Phonics/Reading on pg 130.  Plus the opinion pieces are thought-provoking and informative (Collision Between Teachers Union and Research on pg 26 was a great read about why teachers should promote homeschooling)).

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is available in print for a cost, but it’s so convenient to read on your computer for free, or on a tablet/eReader!  I think I’ll be loading it on my phone in the future so I can read it on the go. 

The ads.  Yes, I’m putting ads under the pro list.  Homeschooling materials can be hard to find.  I love being able to digitally flip through the magazine and find new materials to try!

Nothing is perfect, right?  Although, I think this magazine is pretty close.

It’s online.  As convenient as that is, sometimes it’s nice to have a magazine in your hands to flip through, ear mark, tear out articles, etc.  You can download it in PDF format and add notes yourself though, if needed.


Other Points to Consider
It is a Christian publication with many Christian articles.  For someone like me (ie not a Christian) it’s good to know ahead of time that many of the articles will be written from a Christian point of view.  I’m of the camp, though, take what you want and leave the rest.  The Christian articles will not prevent me from reading this magazine (actually, I like knowing that it is a Christian publication in general because I know there will not be any wildly inappropriate material.  No worrying about the kids peering over my shoulder!)


Overall, I think The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is an invaluable resource to all homeschoolers.  There is something for everyone, much to learn, and many new materials to find.  I know I’m looking forward to the next issue in January!

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