Qq is for Quad Bike–Zoomin Moving ABCs

I’m getting so close to the end of this set now that I am so excited!!  I can taste the finish line!!

And to add to that excitement – I’m planning for a full 26-30 week tot school/pre-school series with the Zoomin Moving ABCs for Logi-Bear!!  He’s just about ready to really start going on this and I am thrilled.  I just love these formative years!

Q is one of the letters that tripped me up for the longest time.  (along with O.  Someone needs to think of a new vehicle and give it a name that starts with O!).  So I was really thrilled to get a Quad Bike!  What a fun vehicle!

Qq is for Quad Bike - part of the Zoomin Moving ABCs printables

Included in the pack:
Q is for Quad Bike coloring page
Dot the Q’s
Stamp the Q’s
Connect the Quad Bikes
Prepare for Q
Trace the Q
Prepare for 17
Trace the 17
Paste the Quad Bikes to the Q
Letter Q/Sight word ‘it’ mini book
Sort the Q’s and q’s
Q dot marker page
Tracing pages (tot and preK versions)
Color the Quad Bikes
Tot and PreK Puzzles
Practice Dice and Graphing
1-10 Puzzle
Color by size
Match the letters
Color by letter
Flash cards
Count the Quad BIkes
Dot Marker pages


Download Q is for Quad Bike Here

Qq is for Quad Bike - part of the Zoomin Moving ABCs printables

10 thoughts on “Qq is for Quad Bike–Zoomin Moving ABCs”

  1. Is this available to download now or later. Wanted to know because when I clink on the link it doesn’t work. So thought I would ask.

  2. I am loving this series, I think it will be perfect for when my son is ready! I would love if you could make a poster with all the letters/ graphics. I love the individual wall posters but I think 1 with all the letters would be great too!

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