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Reading and math are two subjects that we are always open for more options. I think a good foundation in math and reading can set a child up for a strong future.

We’re always looking for more while also consistently relying on old favorites like Reading Eggs.


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(We received this product for this review.  All of the opinions in this post and mine (and my kids)  )

My kids love Reading Eggs. To the point that they begged me to let them continue using programs that they well educationally past. They loved the games and progress on Reading Eggs.

And as much as I enjoy them learning on Reading Eggs online, I was excited to see that they had workbooks to match.




  • Continuation of online program
  • Thorough Workbooks for Reading and Math
  • Bright and enticing
  • Information of Reading Eggs and Math Seeds
  • Why we Love Math Seeds
  • A discount is offered at the bottom!

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Benefits of the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Workbooks

Continuation of Reading Eggs Online

Since my kids love Reading Eggs so much I knew these workbooks would have an advantage over others.

My kids aren’t really ‘workbook kids’. But I would love to have materials we can carry with us to work on while waiting at the doctor or the mechanics, or anytime that we seem to have time to spare. Squeezing in extra learning is one way we fit a lot more into our day.

With the Reading Eggs Workbooks, it’s been easier to get them excited about working with a pencil (or colored pencil). They’re familiar with the concepts and the look of the workbooks so they’re more willing to sit down and get some work done.

child writing on math in workbook

Thorough Workbooks for Reading and Math

So many homeschoolers and parents have the question ‘what if we miss/forget something?” and it causes a lot of worry.

None of us want them to reach adulthood and realize we forgot something very important.

While I’m sure most kids will be just fine with the little holes that will naturally occur, the thoroughness of these workbooks will help ease that worry.

They are very thorough, covering so many topics for each year. If you’re worried you may have missed something, look through the workbook and refresh your memory on concepts covered at that level.


Bright and Enticing Workbooks

I’m all about saving ink when printing but I’ve noticed a trend with my kids. They tend to gravitate towards bright and colorful.

When it comes to school work, they’d rather work in colored pencil.
When we work on the whiteboard they want to use all the colors.
And when it comes to workbooks, they want the pages that are bright and colorful.

So I love a workbook that entices them with colors!

photo of workbooks for reading and math


Information on Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an online reading program that uses games, songs, and rewards with a phonics-based approach to reading. It’s a great program to motivate kids to learn to read. And it’s a great program to teach kids to love reading.

The Reading Eggs workbooks are an extension of the same program.

Get a free 4 week trial here!

Reading Eggs:

  • Phonics Based
  • Self-paced
  • Interactive
  • Teachings fluency and vocabulary
  • Features progress reports for parents/teachers
  • Includes comprehension too!

Between Reading Eggs Jr, Reading Eggs, and Reading Eggspress – this program can take your kids from the age of 2 through the age of 13. The workbooks start at the kindergarten level and go through 5th grade.


Information on Math Seeds

Mathseeds is an online based math program that primarily uses games or fun online activities to teach math skills. It’s meant for kids aged 3 to 9. The workbooks cover kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Math Eggs:

  • Comprehensive
  • Game-based
  • Interactive
  • Features a parent section to show progress

child working on math

What we Love About Reading Eggs and Math Seeds

My kids all love Reading Eggs and beg to play it more often. But my qualifications for loving a game are a bit more stringent than theirs. Games have to pass the ‘mom test’ to qualify as educational time and Reading Eggs more than passes.

Here’s why we love Reading Eggs

  • It packs a lot of learning in a short amount of time. Each game is great and features more learning time than non-learning time. That’s not always easy to accomplish with a fun and educational game.
  • Flows in an easy to understand manner. My kids have played educational games and used curriculum that has big jumps in their information. Reading Eggs has a flow that makes sense and allows them to work at their own pace.
  • Progress Reports. I like to be involved and know what is going on with my kids. But I don’t want to sit next to them as they play educational games online.

kids playing Reading Eggs on the computer

How to Purchase

You can find the workbooks for both Reading and Math here.

Use the discount code WK10KWCSVLL for 10% off! Code expires October 15th, 2018


Get 4 Weeks Free of the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds program! Offer expires October 17, 2018.


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