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I am over the moon excited to share this product with you today.

If you have kids that are struggling with math facts, you NEED Times Tales.  Baloo is 9 and understands multiplication perfectly fine, but he’s not quick with his facts.  When it gets up to 6 times 8 I start to lose him.  He has strategies to overcome this difficultly, but I know it’s vital that he can multiple quickly if he wants to succeed at higher math.

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So I now introduce you to Times Tales.  Times Tales is a DVD especially meant for memorizing those pesky multiplication facts that don’t have any easy tricks to go with them.  Instead of simply expecting kids to memories numbers, they provide context to the information.  First, they created characters for the numbers.  For instance, the number 7 is Mrs. Week (because a week is 7 days) and the number 4 is a chair.  After introducing the characters, the DVD provides a story for each fact.  Now at this point I became really skeptical, but bear with me, I promise it works.  A story to memorize for each fact?  That’s a lot of information!  I agree.  But memorizing 8×4-32, 8×5-40, 8-6=48, etc etc is a lot of information too.  But when it’s matched with a story you’re providing context for them to latch to.

So the DVD goes through each story pretty slowly and really lets the kids get a grasp for the stories.  Finally they explain how to turn the story into figuring out math problems and they have a review.  All that’s left is practice, practice, practice.

At first, its slow going.  When Baloo encounters a math fact he doesn’t know (for instance 9 times 4) I remind him of the characters only.  He comes up with the story and the answer within a minute.  The more we practice, the faster he gets.  We haven’t even been doing this for a week and he has already improved so much.  And with that improvement I’ve seen a new spark in him.  He’s been struggling with memorization for so long that he was beginning to feel defeated.  Now I can see that light of success in him again!

Here’s a screen shot of one of the worksheets (from another blogger.  You can check out their review here).  You can see two of the characters here.  Mrs. Week is the number 7, and the treehouse is number 9.



I know you’re skeptical because frankly this system sounds crazy.  But luckily you don’t just have to take my word for it – there is a sample lesson on the website so you can check it out with your kids before committing!
Times Tales Try 9s for Free


If I’ve convinced you though, here are a few places you can purchase.  I got mine off Educents, although I encourage you to shop around.  Again, these are NOT affiliate links.
Times Tales Website – Digital Version
Times Tales Website – DVD Version


If you have any questions at all, please ask.  I am feeling very passionate about this product solely due to the immediate success we have seen!

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