Tot School – week of 5/30

Royal is 25 months

We had a really fun week with our Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme!  Royal wasn’t enthusiastic about it the entire week, but he did a lot!

You can download the Jake Tot Pack here!


He really loves playing with dry erase markers!  He did the Pp page a few times this week.

He didn’t start off dotting the dots right away and it was all I had in me not to direct him to do it…so I was really really excited when he ended up doing it on his own!

I put the vocab cards and the counting cards in a baseball card sheet (numbers are on the other side) so we could talk about them whenever!

Participating in calendar time!!  This is the first time he’s really participated with us instead of being asleep or just nearby!  He choose the color of the day and helped put the numbers in the calendar!

He didn’t really play Hi Ho Cherry-O with us much but he did help us sort the fruit a few times.

Cutting is his new favorite activity.  He found some giraffe scissors and went at it!  I ordered some better scissors for him on amazon…they should be here soon!!  We’re going to have to work on cutting rules though.  He cut up a dollar bill and the cover of one of his books…


We did more this week but since Royal is potty training I don’t have many appropriate pictures!  I am considering him to be potty trained at this time though!!

For more tot school ideas check out 1+1+1=1!!

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  1. Such great ideas!! Thanks for visiting my blog today!! And i picked up our tongs at the dollar store!! They came two to a pack and seem to hold up well to little hands!!!

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