Water Play Wednesday – Water Blaster Words

My boys all love water. Some love swimming, some love hoses, and some love baths, but they all love water in one form or another. And it’s probably only natural being that we always seem to live in the hot southern states!! We have to cool off somehow!

I’ve been trying to figure out more ways to get water into educational activities. ; Surely the addition of water can make anything fun, right?

I recently saw this water gun idea from Train Up A Child and thought I could adapt it a bit for Baloo. He’s been improving greatly with his reading abilities but he needs some practice with a few sight words. I didn’t want to overwhelm him the first time so we started with just 3 words; said, of, and it. And I added the Octopus in as a “to avoid” target.
The words are taped to the inside of these plastic containers. The word cards stay dry so we can use them multiple times!

He loves shooting these water blasters! They were $2.50 at Target!

I made him a little sheet so he could win. He had to hit each word three times, but if he hit the octopus 3 times he would be out!

He aimed right for the octopus a few times…

He had a little bit of help from a certain little brother.

Baloo had a ton of fun with this water game and he worked on his sight word skills!!

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