Using Printables in Sensory Play–Sensory Play Party

It’s time for the weekly Sensory Play Party!!  I’m teaming up with Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands so we can share these wonderful sensory play ideas!

This week I’m sharing how we use printables with our sensory play.

I’ll admit, we don’t often use printables when we’re doing sensory play.  I like to keep the two separate for the most part.  But, sometimes it is nice to have a nicely balanced activity!  Plus my boys mostly love sensory activities!

I printed out my new 3 part skeleton cards and added them to our base rice bin.  I also threw in some q-tips because I thought they resembled bones in a fun way.
Using Printables in Sensory Play

The set up from above.  The whole cards are in one pile, cards without labels in another pile, and the extra labels are buried in the bin.
Using Printables in Sensory Play

Using Printables in Sensory Play

We broke some of the q-tips in half to make this bit of a skeleton.  It was fun to label the q-tip bones!
Using Printables in Sensory Play

We also went digging for the labels and matched them up to the cards!
Using Printables in Sensory Play

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from last weeks pinning party to share!
Sensory Play Party
I hope you’ll join in on the sensory play party!  We would love it if you’d add the button to your post, though it’s not required.
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