Make 10 Memory Game

Yes, more make 10 practice!  Of course you could easily change this game to practice any number.  We’re starting with memorizing 10s and doubles and then will move onto 6-9.



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So typically in memory you are searching for matching cards.  In this game we are looking for two numbers that, when added together, equal 10.  So 1 and 9 is a match.  I started out with just one set of each, but you could easily do a bigger game with double the cards.

To simplify life, I just used the number cards from yesterdays game.  They can be downloaded here!



Flip over two cards, and add them together.  If they equal 10, you keep the cards!  4+2=6, no go!IMG_6008


7+3=10!  Match!!


This wasn’t as popular as yesterday’s game.  My kids are adverse to memory for some reason.  But that’s okay.  Some games are hits and some aren’t!


Make 10 Memory Addition Fact Practice

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