Kindergarten – C and YCR unit 6

We started using our new kindergarten workbox labels this week and it did not go as planned.  I need to figure out how much he needs to accomplish in one day.  We got about half of our planned work done this week, of course we did have 1 unexpected day off and we’re still dealing with sickness.

We got to go to a fair last weekend and had a blast!  Most of the time was spent on the bouncy houses, but we did get to check out some art and then the boys got to have some really messy fun throwing paint on this fence.DSC05230


Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten – letter C


Baloo is just loving this program!  He sings the songs all day and asks me to sing along with him.  Here he was cutting out the pictures to sort them into animal/non-animal groups.

And here he is identifying the words that begin with C.


You Can Read – Unit 6

We are on unit 6 and now encountering more words that Baloo doesn’t already know.  He has gained so much confidence with the first 5 units that he is actually really enjoying learning more!


We work together to color these in so we can catch up.  We didn’t do the first four units and these work so great as flashcards!


He really didn’t want to do this sheet until I put it in the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center.  I won’t say he did the rest without complaining, but he did do the rest!


Other Fun!

We started piano lessons this week.  I’ve taken enough piano that I feel confident enough to teach him the basics.  He flipped through his piano book and played a few of the songs!


Baloo built some towers and houses with our peg building set.

We’re getting ready for Halloween around here and he found this sheet in our Halloween box.  He completed the maze by himself, and once I explained the connect-the-dot to him he did that too.     DSC05341


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