Waterplay Wednesday – Balancing Water Buckets

After last week I decided to enlist Baloo to help me think of some water games. He was very excited to be a part of the planning process!!  He first started by saying something about using the hose to spray everyone, but knowing his little brothers, I knew that would NOT be popular.  His next idea was filling up the water buckets and balancing them…and I interjected with ‘on your heads!’ instead of whatever he had up his sleeve (it wasn’t good, I could tell!)

So we went ahead and gave it a shot!!  I had Baloo fill up 3 buckets – one for he and Royal and a small one for Logi-Bear)

He was eager to give it a shot! He wasn’t able to balance it for long and it quickly came crashing down resulting in a cracked bucket.



Which meant the next time he tried there was water everywhere!!  He really seemed to like that though.

He did manage to balance it for a moment!  A quick moment!

Royal was excited to give it a shot too!  I had to dump most of his water out just so he could hold the bucket.

He was thinking about letting go…
 IMG_6888 IMG_6889

His goal was to get wet though, not balance a bucket!

So wet he got!!


My boys really enjoy the water play games we try!!  I hope your little ones enjoy the games too!

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