Free Cutting Practice Strips

Free Cutting Practice Strips Download

Cutting practice has been a hot topic around here lately.  Logi-Bear is desperate to learn to cut,but Royal is the one that is really at the cutting age.  I try to do most of our cutting practice incognito…in the form of crafts!  But sometimes you just need a bit more, right?

I made these strips for early cutting practice.  Cut each page into strips using the small dotted lines.  Then let your child cut on the big dotted lines or the wide solid line!

Free Cutting Practice Strips Download

For the younger learners, these are some of our favorite scissors:

I’m not positive that we have the same brand, but it’s the spring part that I love.  That little spring assists young children when their hand strength isn’t quite strong enough yet.  It has saved many cutting experiences for us!  And when they don’t need it anymore, you can just tuck it away and use the scissors normally!

To make these strips a bit more fun and colorful, you can print them on color paper.


We also get out fun scissors sometimes to change it up a bit.




Go Here to Download the Cutting Practice Strips!



Free Printables to Practice Cutting Skills.  Great fine motor skills with scissors.


  1. x

    Love these! Thanks for sharing, my 4.5yo is obsessed with cutting right now and he’ll love these practice pages.

  2. x

    Great idea, Erin! Thanks so much for sharing another of your fabulous printables! I featured your cutting strips as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. 🙂

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    Annette McBynum says:

    I really enjoy the pre-k early reading materials. I have been looking for the letter o-z in the zoomin moving alphabets. They are a great help to me. when can I get those missing letters.

    • x

      They’re not done yet 🙁 I’m working on them though and trying to get them out at least every 2 weeks!

  4. x

    Love these. Thank you for sharing.


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