Water Play Wednesday – Water Balloon Sight Words

At Baloo’s school on the very last day they have a huge water play day with water balloons. ; Each grade goes at a different time and the parents volunteer to bring in water balloons. ; They plan to have hundreds of water balloons and other water activities. ; Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

Well, since I’m not in elementary school anymore, I decided we would make water balloons of our own!! ; And I wanted to add in some educational fun! ;

I bought the multipack water balloons and matching colored buckets at Dollar Tree. ; Then I filled up the balloons with water (and got soaking wet in the process!). ; I wrote the words on after filling with water. ; I tried to blow them up, write, and then fill them with water, but it really did not work. ; I do not suggest trying that method!


I liked having the balloons color coded. ; No meaning behind it except that I think it looks pretty.

I told Baloo to read the word and then aim him balloon at one of the hoops. ; Royal just had to identify the color (which he still chose not to do most of the time).

Bombs away!!

Baloo liked to do two at a time!

They had a great time, practiced a few colors and sight words, and even asked to do it again! ; Next time I think I will fill up the balloons when everyone is sleeping.




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    What a fun idea! I wonder if my boy would have the patience to read the word before tossing the balloon.

    • x

      I’m honestly a bit surprised that Baloo did! I know he guessed at a few and he even told me that sometimes he just said the color instead lol! I figured he was practicing at least some of them though.

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    I saw this over at TGIF Linky Party and had to stop by to check it out. What an awesome idea!!

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    LOVE this!! What a super fun idea =-) We will deffinety be trying this. Thanks for linking up at TGIF! And this is getting featured at TGIF next week =-)

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    Thanks so much for sharing this fun idea. I love making sight words fun! Will definitely be trying it with my boys.

  5. x

    Erin – what an awesome idea! So creative and fun. I'm going to have to remember this for when my son gets a little bit older. Pinning now though ;-). 


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