Fortune teller sentences

I have to channel my inner high school student for this one. Its been a long time since I have made one of these fortune teller origami-esqe things. At dinner last weekend I had paper and 3 little boys to entertain and it just came to me. Baloo was so enraptured with the fortune teller that he had our waitress asking him questions!

I’ve been brainstorming fun ways to get Baloo to practice writing when I found the roll a sentence printable from The First Grade Parade. We don’t have our education cubes with us right now, unfortunately, so I was trying to think of other ways to use the printable. The ideas merged and the fortune teller sentence was born!

In case your inner high school student has forgotten, here are instructions on how to make your own fortune teller!

Start with a square piece of paper. I just took a regular piece of printer paper and cut off a bit on one end. Fold all corners in to the center of the paper.

IMG_5688 IMG_5689


Turn the paper over and fold all the corners into the center again.  I suggest folding in it half and then corner to corner just to make the next part smoother.

Bring all 4 corners up together….


And you have a fortune teller!!IMG_5692

Use both hands to work it.  Thumb in one part, forefinger in another, and same for the other hand.  Then you just work it back and forth.IMG_5693


I printed our the sheet from The First Grade Parade and then glued the words to the fortune teller.  I think writing them in would have been just as easy!
You’ll need 3 of these fortune tellers: one for nouns, one for verbs, and one for adjectives.

I called out numbers to Baloo to select random words and then we made up sentences for each!

Doesn’t he look thrilled here?  Sometimes he can be a real trooper with my incessant picture taking!

But this was a great exercise for writing practice and thinking up sentences!  And despite the last picture, Baloo really did enjoy it!!

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