6th Grade Secular Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Until this point we’ve taken a very laid back and relaxed position with homeschooling.  But for Baloo (11) we are ramping it up a bit this year.

I want Baloo to be prepared for independent learning and make sure he has a good base for future studies. We are still doing the basics and then adding in other interests.  But I am going to push Baloo to take a more academic approach to some topics.

Find many options for 6th grade curriculum with this 6th grade secular homeschool curriculum post! Many choices for a great homeschool year.

All About Spelling – level 5
(We are debating finishing level 5 and 6 this year, but I think we will just play it by ear)

Singapore Math – We are playing catch up in math still, but progress is going quickly. I love that we can work faster through material he is already familiar with.
Times Tales

Brave Writer Partnership Writing. We could have gone to the next level but I wanted to start with something Baloo would find easy. Writing has not been our strong point thus far and I don’t want to create a negative writing environment.

So far he’s been loving the Brave Writer writing. He’s eventually voluntarily done extra work on each project.

Real Science Odyssey
He really wants to learn chemistry but RSO Chem 2 isn’t out.  So we are doing Chem 1.  It’s much too simple but he’s adding onto the info in his own time.
We’re also going to work through Bio 2 this year since we didn’t finish last year.  But it won’t be our main focus since he’s loving the chemistry.

Again, we’re doing our own thing.  The material for Baloo will be more in depth, more independent, and more interest based.  Baloo will be doing Ancients this year as well (because the more we can do together, the more time we have!)

If you’re interested for updates on the history units, you can sign up here. This is not for my regular newsletter, just updates on the history curriculum


Baloo wants to design his own video game.  So I’m gathering coding materials for his to peruse.  We have daily “school time” where they have options to work on whatever they want, within reason.  So coding will be available to him during these times (and any time outside school time as well).

Hour of Code

Baloo has decided to try guitar.  We’re going to give Gentle Guitar a try. He’s really nervous about putting himself out there to learn something new. But I think learning an instrument is an invaluable experience.



Ultimately, we are still relaxed schooling and taking it day by day. Some days we get through a lot and others we decide to go for a 2 hour hike and have a picnic. We’re enjoying the learning process and the time we are lucky enough to spend together.

Find many options for 6th grade curriculum with this 6th grade secular homeschool curriculum post! Many choices for a great homeschool year.


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