A real tot school week!!

Baloo – 38 months

We actually managed to have a decent school week!  Royal has adopted a regular nap schedule, so we can actually predict what our days will be like! 

Letter Activities

We finished up the letter F at the beginning of the week.  Baloo made a feathered F.  Mommy let him control the glue, and he put the glue all over the F!

Then he added the feathers!
Then we moved onto the letter Gg!!  We made a green G poster which, so far, includes a ghost, giraffe (named Greg), and Grape man.  We’re going to continue  to add a few more G items over the course of next week.  Here is Baloo coloring a ghost activity from
Other activities we’ve done, but aren’t pictured:

Tot Trays

We had 6 trays out this week ,but didn’t get to them all.  This is a new puzzle that we just bought.  It’s a bit more advanced than the other puzzles we have, and it took a bit of time for Baloo to get it.  I tried to explain how to look for the flat edges and corner pieces.

We call this spaghetti holes.  These little glass containers (that we got at the dollar bin at JoAnns) have 3 sets of holes each.  I took 3 out, and set one to small, one to medium, and one to large.  Baloo thought it was more fun to break the spaghetti, but I did convince him to put some in the holes as well!

For F week we made a farm.  We made the barn out of some old boxes, and the silo was 3 paper towel rolls.  The barn took 2 coats of paint, and it still could really use another.

He’s actually used the farm a lot over the week.  He played with it as a barn for a bit.  Then he used the barn and his G and was talking about the G being on top of, or under the barn.  I tried to take it further and we did next to, close to, far away, etc.

We got this fish counting game from Lakeshore Learning .  It was not a big hit with Baloo.  He got to 5 and wanted nothing more to do with it.
We had the numbers 1-12 written in the bottom of the cups, and Baloo put that number of fish in the cup!


Tot Boxes
We have started putting out 4 boxes and putting 1 educational-esque toy in it for the week.  With any luck, this will help me rotate his toys out better, and he will actually play and enjoy his toys more!

This week we had toy cleaning supplies.  Baloo decided that the bathroom was a bit dirty.

If he thinks this is how we clean the mirror, perhaps I  need to be cleaning more often.

I’ve been looking for the nesting blocks for a discounted price for awhile, and finally found them at Ross!!!  And Baloo loves them.  We started out using them for towers, but that quickly escalated to all kinds of other activities.  We spent a good 45 minutes using them as steps to get up to a stage where our animals danced.

Lapbook/Tot Book
My first lapbook!!  I’ve had trouble finding lapbooks/tot books that are really at the level that Baloo is at.  I think that lapbooking just isn’t popular for kids who aren’t reading.  So I decided to make my own.  Baloo’s first love was Thomas, and what better way to get him interested in these activities!!

Baloo’s favorite is the heads and tails (or heads and butts as we call it)

I’ve thought about converting the files into a pdf and offering them up for download.  I wasn’t really sure if there would be much interest, so I have not done it yet.

Also, after putting this together and letting him destroy it, Carisa at 1+1+1=1 came up with a much better way to store lapbooks for tots.  I’ve redone this lapbook in that method, and it works so well.  Baloo had already pulled off 2 pockets from the lapbook, so a new method was needed!!
You can see her method here.

And lastly, the uncategorized.  I’ve been trying to implement a daily music time.  It has not turned into a daily activity yet, but we have been having fun with it.

We also made a family tree this week, that I posted about here.

This week’s brain food.  We’ve been having smoothies just about everyday.  I love it because I sneak in some vegetables (this week we have frozen celery juice, and sweet potato).

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  1. Nicole {tired, need sleep}

    You did so many great activities! I love that Thomas lapbook – wow! Looks like you put a lot of hard work into it! I love the bathroom mirror cleaning picture too – so funny! 🙂

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