PreK – Week of Oct 11


This week we started a unit on Afghanistan.  I let Baloo choose which country to study next and he chose Afghanistan because Daddy just spent a year there.  I chose not to focus on the war, but instead the culture and the people who live there.  There really wasn’t a lot to be found, so we’ve wrapped it up into just one week!  We’re actually finishing up our last activity today (making a kite) and we’re taking the kite down to the beach to fly this weekend!  Apparently people in Afghanistan really enjoy flying kites, for fun and competitively!


We started off by finding Afghanistan on the globe.  Baloo immediately noticed how close it is to China.  I was a little surprised that he still remembered!



We colored a map of Afghanistan, and the flag.

Flag page

Map page (Not the one we used, but apparently I lost that link)



We talked a little bit about how to say hello and good in Pashto.  DH knows a very small amount of Pashto so he was able to help with that.  I also looked up numbers:


We had a recipe to try as well but had a surprise doctor appointment that took up an entire day.  Maybe we’ll have a chance to make it over the weekend!


We started making this rocket last week.  In one of our space books we found directions on how to make a rocket!  We got together 3 toilet paper rolls and 1 paper towel roll.  We used thin cardboard to make the pointy top.  Using a glue/water misture (mix regular Elmers glue and water until it’s milky looking) and newspaper we basically did a paper mache covering all 4 tubes.  When it dried we painted them blue and red.


Then we glue the 3 small rockets on the larger one.  It stayed together for about 15 minutes before the boys played with it a bit too hard.

We did manage to get a bit of a color lesson in.  Blue+red=purple!



We got out some pipe cleaners and I told Baloo to make something.  He ended up making a butterfly and a butterfly net, and we caught the butterfly over and over!



We worked through the I lesson of Raising Rock Stars Preschool curriculum.  Baloo’s favorite part was reading the book.  The sight word this week was ‘can’ and the book was all about ‘I can…’.  Since he already knows I we were just adding in one word (can) and he was able to read the pictures!  I think he really enjoyed being able to read it entirely by himself!


He also enjoyed cutting out the cards.  Cutting skills are definitely improving!



Our new station boxes went GREAT this week.  Since I let Baloo choose we didn’t get through all of them.  He chose to do a lot of writing.  We stocked the writing center with pencils, lined paper, envelopes, and stamps.


He told me what he wanted to write and I told him how to spell it. 


Then we folded it, put it in an envelope, addressed and stamped it and sent it on it’s way!  Gigi was quite thrilled with her letter.


For our literacy center we played alphabet bingo, which was a huge hit.  This was our first time doing bingo ever, so I went with a 3×3!  We made our cards here: DLTK


In our sensory center was cornstarch, water, food coloring, and some little glass jars.  We added the food coloring to the water, and then added cornstarch.  After stirring it turns into Goop.  It’s a very different texture, but lots of fun to play with.  An added bonus, it’s edible (just in case!) and clean up is really easy!

 DSC00658 DSC00662


We went on a bit of a nature hunt to find items for our fall collage.  We got pine needles, pine cones, a few leaves, and some small acorns.

DSC00675 DSC00681

Our garden!!  The plants are just popping up everywhere!




We playing with some little foam shapes and worked on some patterns.  I tried to make some a bit more complicated than usual.

DSC00687 DSC00688 


And Baloo was really excited to draw and write another story.  This week he did a baby bottle and wrote a story about a bottle that wanted an acorn.

 DSC00691 DSC00693


This is our daily work set up.  Instead of workboxes we have work folders.  There is one activity in each folder and we pull them out as we finish them.  It’s a pretty good visual for Baloo and it’s portable.  We do school wherever we want!




That’s it from us this week!  Quite a hodgepodge of randomness!


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