Tot school – Getting back into the swing of things

Baloo – 40 months

So we skipped posting last week.  I honestly had no clue that it would take so long for us to recover from croup!  Baloo took a full week to stop coughing and still isn’t really back to himself.  I just decided to roll with what he wanted to do and mostly let him lay around.  He didn’t seem interested in doing much.  He’s all better now, and so is Royal!  So we’re starting to get back into “school”.  However, I’ve taken a bit of a photography break so I don’t have pictures of much.
We’re doing an advent calendar with activities everyday.  So far we have made a paper ring chain, an advent wreath (link here), and gingerbread cookies. 
We have some wreath pictures!
He is really excited to put on the 2nd flame tomorrow!!
We played the Hot and Cold game.  I would hide something and Baloo would try to find it.  I’d say hotter or colder as he got closer or further away from the hidden object.  He thought this was hilarious, especially when he got really close or really far from the object and I would say he was burning up or frozen.  It took awhile for him to understand the concept, but he started getting pretty good at it!!  Now he asks to play all the time!!
Aside from our calendar time and fun songs, we’ve really been taking it easy.  We’re doing one more week of school until we’re taking a break because Daddy is coming home for R&R!!!!  Yes, my husband is in the army and deployed, but we get him home for Christmas.  I highly doubt we would have time for school then so we’re taking the 2 weeks off of school!

2 thoughts on “Tot school – Getting back into the swing of things”

  1. My family was sick with the swine flu a few weeks ago and we took it easy also. Hope you guys are completely back to normal soon ๐Ÿ™‚ And enjoy having your hubbie home for Christmas!!

  2. Sounds like you've done some really great activities! And HOORAY for your hubby to get to come home for Christmas – that's a reason for a break from school if I ever heard one!

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