Thomas the Tank Engine Lapbook!

Just as a bit of a disclaimer…this is my first lapbook/tot book.  Most of it came out a little bigger then I intended.  I would go back and fix it, but honestly that would take hours.

Included in this lapbook:
Heads and Tails (aka Heads and Butts)
Shape Patterning
Size Sequencing
A number flipbook

I’m hoping to add a letter activity in this week, but we will have to see if time permits!

So here is the folder to download it all.
Thomas Lapbook

There are 2 pages for the shape patterns.  The first has a pattern sequence, the 2nd is just the cards so you can make up patterns of your own!
There is also a cover!

And some pictures!

Baloo playing with it:

The original set up:

And this is the new set up.  Also included in this is a little Thomas craft from that can be found here.

Each activity is in it’s own little ziploc baggie, and when stored they all go in the larger gallon sized ziploc bag.

And the back with the flipbook and craft.

I hope everyone enjoys!  I would really love to hear how y’all like it, so… comments, critique, criticism…it’s all welcome!


Thomas The Tank Engine Preschool Lapbook

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