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Apple Themed Passing of Time

My kids hate analog clocks.  Truly despise.  We honestly just don’t even work on that anymore.  While I can see it’s importance, the amount they dislike those clocks makes it not worth it.

But we were working on calculating how much time has passed, and it’s just easier with these clocks.  It’s so much easier to just count by 5’s around the clock.  So, they’re a bit more open minded.  Only when figuring out how much time has passed through.

I figured adding a theme makes anything more fun so we went with apples.  I mean, we have been on an apple theme kick recently, so what’s one more, right?


The idea is quite simple.  Pick two apples.  Put the earlier one on the left and the later one on the right.  Copy the hands of the clocks onto the How Much Time Has Passed? worksheet.  Calculate the time difference!  Bam, done.

I did a lot of apples within the same hour to practice minutes.  But by mixing and matching one can easily do hours.  Plus, there’s a page with no hands on the clocks so anyone can make whatever time they would like!

and I included black and white options because I know how expensive ink is!  (Seriously, did you guys check out the HP Instant Ink?  I have my first set on the way and I am way excited.  Don’t forget to get 6 months free with the code 6freeink).




Go Here to Download the How Much Time Has Passed Apple Printables!

How Much Time has Passed?  With an apple theme FREE Printables


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