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Beginning readers need as much practice reading as they can possibly get. Which is exactly why I love making resources to that make the practice fun and engaging.

This CVC-word word search is exactly that.

When my kids were younger they always wanted to participate in activities intended for older kids and rarely wanted to do the activities more geared for their age/level/ability.

So I’ve spent a lot of time creating and brainstorming how to turn those activities into ones that younger kids can do as well.

This is one of those activities.

I loved word searches as a kid. When my teachers would hand out a word search to do during class – I was ecstatic.

But this word search is not like those. This is for even younger kids.

All of the words are CVC words with a short vowel. And there are images to help!

Added bonus – you can feel assured they’re actually reading and understanding the words! If your child reads the word incorrectly they won’t be able to find the matching picture.

So you know they’re actually reading the words when they’re found the correct corresponding picture.

There are 5 word searches included – one for each vowel (excluding ‘sometimes y’).

First, read the words on the bottom. For kids brand new to sounding out words, they might want to focus on just one word at a time.

Next, find the image in the box that matches the word and color it in.

Check off the word on the bottom after you’ve found the image.

Then repeat until you’ve found them all!

Why CVC Words

Why the focus on CVC words? What is a CVC word anyway?

CVC stands for consonant-vowel-consonant and describes words like box, hat, and sip. Almost all CVC words have a short vowel sound.

They are typically the easiest words to read and, as a whole, are very predictable.

What I mean by that is if you have a bunch of words that end with the same 2 letters, they’re all going to sound the same. cat, hat, sat, mat, bat, etc. Whereas many other words do not follow a similar rule.

Because they are short and predictable they are the perfect set of words to start with when learning to read.

Get More CVC Resources

One of the hardest parts (in my opinion) in teaching kids to read is that it requires a lot of practice.

For some kids it just clicks but I have found they still need a lot of practice.

Practice is also what helps fluency when reading.

This is why I like to have a lot of different options for practicing CVC words!

If you need more CVC resources, don’t miss my CVC resource section.

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