Spider Life Cycle Booklet

Spiders are not my favorite subject. They make me squirm a bit and I try to keep a friendly and distant relationship from them.

But from afar, I think there are many interesting facts about spiders. I’ve also found that learning more about spiders has lessened my fear of them, somewhat.

Spider Life Cycle Booklet

Spiders are fascinating creatures and I enjoy learning about them in small doses. As I said, they still make me squirm a bit. And vivid photos in books and online do not help.

So I like to focus my learning into small bits. Like just the life cycle – which is the focus of this booklet and word search set!

It’s all about the life cycle of a spider – from egg to adult.

Books for Your Spider Unit

If you’re learning about spiders you cannot miss two incredible books.

Spiders by Gail Gibbons

We have loved every Gail Gibbons book that we’ve read so far. They’re informative without being overwhelming. The images are cartoons but also accurate.

Science Comics: Spiders – Worldwide Webs

We love the Science Comics series. These books have a way of pulling my kids in to subjects they weren’t even interested in previously.

They’re packed full of information and entertaining at the same time.

How to Use the Spider Life Cycle Booklet

This set includes a booklet and a word search page.

There are two versions of the booklet, though they contain the same information.

In one version the vocabulary words are left blank with a glossary of words on the last page.

The second version has the vocabulary words throughout the booklet but with dashed letters.

The second version is best for kids still working on writing their letters legibly.

This booklet is intended to be an introduction to spiders and their life cycle.

You might choose to keep the last page of the booklet out so the words can be easily reference. Otherwise, staple it at the end of the booklet.

Read through the booklet and input the vocabulary words to see the life cycle of a spider.

When you’re done reading the booklet, find the vocabulary words in the word search!

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