Moments to Remember

I’m not going to lie  – this was one of those weeks where I was dying for it to be over.  The fighting, the mess, the complete lack of schedule…I was not planning on making a Moment to Remember post at all.

But then Baloo threw me a curve ball.  He picked up the book Hop on Pop and started reading.  At first I thought he was just reading from memory or using picture clues, but no he was really reading!  Maybe 50% sight words and 50% phonetically sounding words out.

Royal was even enjoying being read to!

I can’t imagine ever forgetting the exact moment I realized Baloo was reading his first book…but I figured it’s a good idea to write it down just in case!
And it’s moments like these that remind me why we choose to homeschool.  I wouldn’t want to miss a moment like that for the world.

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