Witches Dungeon – A ‘Battleship’ Like Game

We love playing games as part of school – especially if it helps us practice some skills along the way.

While this game is more fun than educational – it’s still worth it!

We’ve had so much family fun with similar games over the years.

Witches Dungeon – EyeBall Hunt

Ready for some Halloween-y fun?

The Witches Dungeon game is what I refer to as a ‘Battleship’-like game.

It has a similar concept to the game of Battleship.

This is great for practicing some basic graphing skills as well as some deductive reasoning.

Read on to learn how to prepare the game, play the game, and where to get your own copy.

How to Prepare the Witches Dungeon Printable Game

The good news is – this game is very easy to set up!

It’s almost as quick as print and go.

Print out two copies of the gameboard. Each player uses their own copy – but the game boards are identical.

If you want to play this game over and over again (and you do) then I recommend laminating the game boards. Or, at a minimum, put them in sheet protectors.

Next, fold the game board in half.

If you laminated your game boards, try scoring the folding lines to make the folding easier.

You want to set up the gameboards so the papers are folded at a 90 degree angle. Each player should have their board facing them and the other person’s board facing away from them.

We taped the tops of ours together to get them to stay upright.

How to Play the Witches Dungeon Game

First, use a marker (or dry erase marker for laminated game boards) to place your ‘eye’ on your side of the board. We usually mark the hidden eye on the gameboard on top and use the bottom one for marking our guesses.

The eye is what the other player is trying to find by guessing coordinates.

After both players have hidden their eyes on their gameboards, choose one player to start.

Taking turns, each player guesses a coordinate (like D5).

The other player needs to look at their gameboard with their hidden eye to determine if the coordinate guessed (D5) is where the eye is hidden.

If the eye is in that square the game is over!

If the eye is not in the square, the second player informs the first that they missed.

Play continues until someone has found the other players eye.

Want an even Simpler Version?

If you want to play a simpler version for younger kids or a faster game – read on.

We found that you could place this game very quickly by guessing objects the eye might be on.

So instead of F4 it would be ‘On the clock’ or ‘next to the pumpkin’.

This game could be great for practicing spatial awareness!

So the game play is very similar.

Each player hides the eye on their game board and the other player is trying to guess to find it.

After each eye is hidden, take turns guessing the location of the eye.

When it comes to the bookshelves, I would make the guesses be pretty specfic!

First person to find the eye is the winner!

Get Your Copy of the Witches Cauldron Printable Game

You can get your free copy of the game here

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