Soft Goop – Sensory Play Party

Welcome to the Sensory Play Party hosted by myself and Little Bins for Little Hands!

This week we experimented with goop (cornstarch and water).  I love the fact that goop is so easy to make, which means I love to experiment with the recipe.  I decided to add some gelatin to the mix to see what would happen.  So I heated up some water, added the gelatin, and then added the cornstarch to the mix.

First the mix was really goopy but sticky.  We let it sit out for about 30 minutes, and then it was hard and moldable.  Instead of the goop that turns into a liquidy state, we just had the moldable stuff.  It’s so soft though!
Royal is my go-to sensory play guy.  He loves getting his hands dirty!!  He jumped right in to make little statues and tried to stretch the goop. Soft Goop Sensory Play

It stayed together so well!
Soft Goop Sensory Play

If you’re looking for a fun new sensory material – try adding new materials to cornstarch!!  It’s a very fascinating material!


Now, how about some features from last week?

Sensory Play Party Ideas

1. Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Bags from School Time Snippets – sensory play inspired by a book and I love the bag idea!
2. Pumpkin Pie Dough from Mamas Like Me – this is a new recipe!  I have to give it a shot.
3. Build-a-Snowman Foam Dough by Crayon Box Chronicles – another new recipe!  I do love corn starch!
4.  Colored Water play from Theres Just One Mommy – I love all the squire bottles for this!

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3 thoughts on “Soft Goop – Sensory Play Party”

  1. Thank you so much for featuring our colored- water play! It was definitely one of our favorites so far!

    We love making “goop” — I have been itching to try adding a few new ingredients to the cornstarch….We may need to try that this week!

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