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I’ve only just realized that The Mitten is actually a Russian Folk story passed down along the generations. I was really excited to read versions other than the Jan Brett one I am so familiar with.

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The Mitten By Jan Brett

Brett’s version of this folk story is now more than just folklore – it’s become a classic book.  Her illustrations tell the story without even needing the words, and the foreshadowing pictures on the border make for a very fun read with kids!  This is possibly my favorite Jan Brett book of all!


The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth

This is the first version of The Mitten folk story that I’ve read that wasn’t by Jan Brett.  I was quite surprised that while the basic story is the same, the details are quite a bit different!  I love this version just as much as Brett’s version though, and the illustrations are wonderful!


The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steen Kellogg

This is not the same folk story, but it caught my eye when I was looking for mitten books. A little girl loses her mitten after playing in the snow all day And goes searching for it. After looking at all the places she had played that day, she gave up and went home, only to find the mitten stuck on the snowman she had built that morning. The red mitten was positioned in such a way that it looked like the snowman had a heart!


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  1. I just ordered The Mitten by Jan Brett for Aarya 🙂 I especially loved the story of The Mitten Tree (but it is too expensive right now to buy now ). 

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