The Mitten Update

The Mitten by Jan Brett is one of my favorite books.  There are other illustrated versions of the folk story “The Mitten” but Jan Brett’s is my favorite.  Her illustrations are just far superior to the other books.  However, I have read other versions and do enjoy them immensely.  Every year we seem to read 2-3 different versions.  The story is so great that all the books are worth reading!


It’s been a few years since I made my “The Mitten” printable pack so I wanted to do a quick update for some older stuff.  As my boys are growing older (youngest is now 4 and a half!!) I find I’m more interested in older stuff.  Preschool packs will always have a place in my heart, but I love the older stuff now too.


Anyways, what’s in this pack?
Label the Owl
Writing page – mitten
Dot the Cursive Mms
Practice Mm in cursive
Skip counting by 3s
Roll, Add, and Color
Number Bonds – Addition and Multiplication
ABC Order
Color the parts of speech
Word Search
Trace in Cursive
Color Fractions
I Spy Word Families
Real or Nonsense Words


Don’t miss the other “The Mitten” books!  Here are my suggestions!




  Go Here to Download The Mitten Printables!