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Snowman Addition Riddles

My kids are suckers for puns. Which is great, because I am as well. There’s nothing quite like a well-placed pun.

So I know when I combine school work and puns, it’s going to go over well.

These addition snowman riddles with puns are so much fun. It’s great practice for addition facts under 20 and ends with a fun (and groan-worthy) pun.

Practice addition with these fun snowman addition riddles! A bit of math practice mixed with a bit of fun.

Snowman Riddles Printable

I love using a snowman theme in the winter. It’s one that appeals to so many kids and there are so many ways you can use the theme to work on educational activities.

Check out this fun Snowman Activity for Winter Class Parties for even more snowman fun!

See the Snowman Addition Riddles in Action

Snowman Addition Riddle Puzzles

These snowman addition riddles are such a fun way to get your kids to practice their addition. At the end of completing the worksheet, they’ll be rewarded with the answer to a pretty silly riddle.

I love making printables like this that serve a purpose but also have some fun included.

Materials Needed for the Addition Riddle Puzzles

These puzzles are very simple. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut out the addition problems.

And if you want to glue the answers down, a glue stick.

If you’re in a classroom or want to use these multiple times, simply laminate the pages. Kids can use dry erase markers to write their answers.

How to Use the Snowman Addition Puzzles

There are two pages for each riddle. One page consists of the addition problems with a letter in the top left corner. The other page is the riddle page.

First, cut out the page with the addition problems on it – or have your kids cut the page out. Each addition problem and letter should be separate from the others.

Then have them solve the addition problems.

Next, they’ll match the sum to the numbers on the riddle sheet. This puts all of the letters in the correct order and separated into words.

Finally, write the letters in the spaces at the bottom. Then you can read the answer to the riddle!

Includes 3 separate riddles! All pages practice addition facts between 10 and 20.

Get Your Snowman Addition Riddles Here:

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