Dolphin Lapbook!

Baloo and I have been working on his first kindergarten lapbook for about a week and a half now.  He saw Dolphin Tale with Daddy a few weeks ago and was so interested in dolphins!  Then his Gigi sent him a book about the movie Dolphin Tale and he was hooked.  So I asked him if he wanted to learn more about dolphins and he was very excited!

I tried really hard to let him decide what was going to be in this book and to write down as much as he wanted.  I wanted it to be something he could accomplish and be proud of.
I wrote ‘dolphin’ in yellow highlighter and had him trace it.  And then we followed a tutorial on how to draw a dolphin (can be found here) for the other side.



How Long Are They?
Fun Facts
Dolphin Family
Lobtailing, Bowriding, and Breaching

Unlabeled dolphin (labeled version here) The one that isn’t labeled is the Melon

The ocean dolphin and river dolphin accordion books I made myself using pictures from this website.


Here is Baloo showing how long the ocean dolphin accordion book is.

He picked out this page to color for the back.

The best part of this lapbook was all the 1-on-1 time.  We would work on it every day that the younger boys would nap together.  He hasn’t picked the topic for our next lapbook but I am really excited to get it started!


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