Octonauts Packs for PreK and Tot

I absolutely love the Octonauts.  I especially love that there are Octonauts books – and they’re fantastic!

We own a few of them (The Octonauts & The Frown Fish is a favorite here) and they are well read.  Meomi did an incredible job with the writing, the stories, and the artwork.  And then Disney did a great job turning it into a TV show!  But I digress.  We just really enjoy all things Octonauts!


Get the Octonauts books:

Octonauts Printable Packs for Toddlers and Preschool

I had to put together an Octonauts pack for the younger ones out there.  I choose to stick with just Tot and PreK because those are the ages the TV show and books seemed to be aimed at.  Plus, I mainly made this for LogiBear who is using PreK stuff these days.

What’s in the Octonauts Printable Pack?

Tot Pack
Letter pages
Dot Marker pages
Cutting Strips & Gluing Practice
9-piece puzzle
Matching cards
Shape tracing
Which is different?
2 piece puzzles

PreK Pack
3 Part Cards
Patterning Cards
What Comes Next?
4 piece puzzles
Which is different?
Beginning Sounds
What Color are the Octonauts?
1-20 Puzzle
11-20 Puzzle
Skip counting by 5s Puzzle
Skip counting by 10s Puzzle
Clip and Count Cards
Dot the Oos
Shadow Matching
Roll and Graph
Roll and Color
Read and Write the Room

So I hope you enjoy the packs!.

Download the Octonauts Worksheets here

Go Here to Download the Octonauts Packs


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