How to Draw Halloween Fun Writing Activity

What could be a better Halloween activity than learning to draw traditional Halloween symbols and writing a story about them?

I Can Draw Halloween Edition

I’ve always enjoyed ‘how to draw’ type books and videos. So many times they’ve opened my eyes to new techniques or new ways to create an effect.

So I was really excited to be able to make these sets on How to Draw and sneak in some writing with it.

The drawings in this set are:

  • Black Cat
  • Witches Shoes
  • Haunted House
  • Ghost
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Skull
  • Spider
  • Treat Bag
  • Witch Hat

This set is perfect for kids who need a bit of inspiration for their writing, want to expand their drawing repertoire, or any kid who loves Halloween.

How to Use the I Can Draw Halloween Pages

There are multiple pages for each ‘How to Draw’ page. The first one is the page with the how to draw instructions and a few prompts to help kids notice the shapes involve and correct spelling of the subject.

The drawing instructions start at the top left and flow to the right and then down.

The last square is left blank for a practice space.

So start by following each step, one at a time, until you have a completed drawing.

Once the drawing is done, count how many of each shape is in the drawing.

Then trace the word at the bottom!

If you want to include the writing portion, the next page includes a bit of character development.

Most of the pages include something like creating a name for the character, something they like to eat, and something they like to do.

There are a few pages that include inanimate objects so they have some different prompts. Things like where they are located, what they’re using for, etc.

These prompts are just meant to get them thinking about the subject. This page can absolutely be skipped if they already have a story in mind

The last few pages are intended for a story. I find many kids are excited to write about their new character and these pages are perfect for that. There is ample space to illustrate the character again and then two pages of lines to write the story.

Tips for the Halloween Writing Activity

I find a lot of kids really dislike writing. And it makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong when it comes to teach writing.

I know that I didn’t like writing when I was a kid. There were too many rules and I really disliked sharing my writing.

My tips are intended to ease kids into writing in a way that, hopefully, doesn’t make them hate writing.

First, when kids are still learning handwriting, offer to write the words while they dictate. Many kids have words they want to put on paper but cannot write fast enough to keep up with their thoughts.

If the goal is to get them writing, writing their words is a great way to inspire them.

Second, let them craft their own story. I still have stories I wrote when I was in first grade and they are lacking in many ways. For instance, I have a story in which there is a mystery of missing shoes. Seven-eighths of the story is them searching for clues. Then all the sudden there’s a hurricane and they fine the shoes in the closet – story ends.

All that to say, I still grew up and figured out how to write a story with a plot. I’m glad my teachers didn’t stop me then and that they let me run with it.

Third, let it be fun. Your kids might have some creative ideas for their writing that don’t necessarily match up with my ideas or your ideas. Maybe your child wants to write a poem instead of a story.

Or perhaps that want to write a sentence in code.

I’ve found there is great value in letting them lead when they have an idea.

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