Multiplication Games to Practice Multiplication the FUN Way

I love making learning fun. And the more repetition a skill needs, the more I work at making it fun.

Not many people enjoying practicing a skill over and over again until they have it memorized. And the people who do enjoy it don’t usually need special things to make it fun.

Multiplication is definitely one of those skills. And it seems that with each passing year, kids are expected to memorize their multiplication facts to higher and higher numbers. Some kids are memorizing up to the 15s.

So it’s time to make it fun!

And games are one of my best ‘go-tos’ when it comes to making something fun. Then again, I’m a sucker for all types of games.

Multiplication Board Games

We’re big fans of board games and I have found that a good board game can “trick” almost anyone into practicing multiplication facts.

I’m including a few of our favorites and highly recommended multiplication games.

Not all of these are strictly multiplication games – some are addition games that can be adjusted.

Pet Me

Pet Me is a multiplication and division game in which you divide food equally among pets until you can adopt them. Great for kids that love pets.

Monster Sock Factory

Monster Sock Factory is a game in which you are matching sock orders to the monsters. I also love that it’s cooperative.

Mutli by Joyful

Multi is described as a strategic Tic-Tac-Toe style game.

Rainbow Math 3 Pirate Adventure

Rainbow Math 3 is the next installment in the Rainbow Math series. In this game, you’re trying to get gold from the treasure chest. It also includes a way to practice subtraction and addition for review.

Bunny Kingdom

You are helping the Bunny King expand their kingdom. Gather resources, build cities, etc.

Multiplication Cards Games

Mythmatical Battles (alternate link)

Mythmatical Battles is a deck building game based on myths. Depending on the deck you buy, you’ll play as a different set of mythological gods (some options are Egypt, Greek, Celtic, Norse, etc).
It’s a great strategy game but simple enough that better strategizers won’t always beat newer strategizers.

Dragon Times

Dragon times is an adventure fantasy card game. The goal of the game is to tame the ‘Dragons of Times’ and restore peace.

Free Printable Multiplication Games

I love making printable games. Board games can get expensive and it’s hard to justify spending lots of money on one specific skill. So we tend to get 1 or two games that fit the bill and fill in the extras with printable games.

And since printable games are so much cheaper, we can play a bigger variety of games.

Here are some printable multiplication fact games to get you going:

Minecraft Multiplication Fact Game
Pokemon Multiplication Game
Star Wars Multiplication Fact Game
Make a Snowman Winter Multiplication Game
Multiplication BINGO
Shamrock Multiplication War

Multiplication Video Games

We’re a huge gaming family so I’m always on the search for a fun video game that practices math facts.

I’m very particular though. Games that are loosely veiled math fact practice don’t go very far. We want games with substance.

Some of these are games you install, others are played online.


Times Attacks 

We first downloaded this game years ago. The maker has changed gears and now only sells to schools. This is a direct site to download the game for personal use.


As the parent, you can set the questions to multiplication. Otherwise it’ll do all kinds of math problems and not just multiplication. It’s an excellent game, though.

This website has a lot of different games. They’re less involved than Math Blaster, Times Attacks, and Prodigy. So this is a great website for short multiplication games.

Similar to MathPlayground, this is a collection of math games.

Multiplication Apps to Play

I’ve always struggled with letting my kids sit on phones and tablets. The thing is, they get video game time and they never choose phones or tablets. They want to play on phones and tablets when we have to wait somewhere – the doctor, the grocery store, the car, etc.

But I can feel a little bit better when they’re playing an educational game.

So here’s my list of apps that work on multiplication skills.

Android/Google Play

Monster Math Duel – Google Play
Bubble Pop Multiplication – Google Play
Multiplication Snake – Google Play
Math Land – Google Play
Math Blaster – Google Play
Operation Math Squad – Google Play
Tower Math – Google Play
Zeus vs Monsters – Google Play
Pet Bingo – Google Play


Addition and Multiplication Bubbles – iTunes
Splash Math – iTunes
Tic Tac Math – iTunes
Monster Math Duel – iTunes
Math Blaster – iTunes
Sushi Monster – iTunes
Operation Math Squad – iTunes
Tower Math – iTunes
Math Museum – iTunes
Zeus vs Monsters – iTunes
Pet Bingo – iTunes

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