I’d planned to take off for the month of December and just focus on Christmas and the real meaning behind it, but since we’re using Truth in the Tinsel and it’s all laid out for us so well, I’m finding we have some extra time on our hands!

We’re been working on our Kindergarten Snowman Kit.  Baloo was really excited for this kit!

We’re working on unit 10 of the You Can Read program!  I’ve said it before, but Baloo loves learning sight words!  He really enjoys the majority of the activities we doing with You Can Read and my own add-ons!


We bought All About Reading level 1 for Baloo this week and with it came some astronaut ice cream.  We talked a lot about astronauts and zero gravity and the limitations on their food.  The boys just enjoyed the ice cream!


Working on one of the Truth in the Tinsel ornaments.  Watercolor was a big hit!  Baloo has asked to paint every day multiple times since then!

This is a little game I made for sight words, though it could be used for so many things.  I put the first letter of the word on the small clothespin and the rest of the letters on the cardstock.  Baloo had to add the first letter to see what the world is!

Baloo is loving the Christmas season. He’s decorated the tree, read all our Christmas books, and played with all of our Christmas toys.

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Are you taking a Christmas break or are you working right through it?

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