Science Sunday – sense of touch

We really kicked off our studies of the 5 senses this week!  I chose to start with touch.

First we made a touchy/feely hand.  I wanted to get 5 textures that I could easily cut and glue onto paper.  I got satiny fabric, a sheet protector, sandpaper, and some leftover minky fabric.  For all of these I traced one of the boys fingers on it and just glued it down.DSC05024

I had a lot of trouble coming up with the last one.  On Pinterest I had seen a piece of art made by melting crayons with something like a blow dryer.  I figured waxy would be a good 5th texture.  However, I underestimated the power of my dinky hair dryer.  It ended up spraying the melting crayon.

The spraying actually worked out though because it created a bumpy texture, which is even better than waxy.

I just love how these hands turned out!


Of course we had to do a touchy-feely bag.  I just put a full items in there that are common around our house.  We have never done this activity before so I wasn’t sure what they would be able to get and what would be too difficult.

Baloo enjoyed the activity, but he tried to cheat.  He was in a bit of a mood!

Royal really enjoyed it!  I was a bit surprised that he understood the activity and he guessed a few items correctly!


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