Books About: New Years

I love celebrating the New Year and all the traditions that come along with it.  It’s a holiday just meant for fun and new beginnings – no serious backstory!

So I was a bit surprised at the complete lack of books surrounding New Years!  I was able to find 2, and I loved them both.

Shanté Keys and the New Year’s Peas by Gail Piernas-Davenport.

When Shanté arrives at her grandmother’s house for a New Years celebration, she realizes there aren’t any peas, and peas are tradition!  She goes to her neighbors houses asking for peas, and they all tell her about their own New Years customs.  This cute little story quickly shows many different cultures and traditions, all in a wonderful rhyming tone!

P. Bears New Year’s Party: A Counting Book by Paul Owen Lewis.

This is a very cute and simple counting book.  P. Bear is getting ready for his New Years party when is guests start to arrive 1 by 1.  Cute pictures and very to the point counting!


Can you recommend any other New Years Books?

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